Can you fathom the reality that you are a child of God? We use those words carelessly today as if they are of no great importance, but there is only reason that we carry that title; it is because of God's great love for us! He has made the way of redemption through the sacrifice of His Son on the cross of Calvary. Through Him, we no longer sin in a spiritual sense, because His blood has washed all those sins away. We have the joy of loving God and loving our neighbor in absolute freedom today, because of the beautiful work of Jesus at Golgotha. Why then do we run so easily from that incredible love? I suspect many of us struggle to believe that God Almighty could actually love us. The Scriptures teach us that Jesus laid down His life to prove His incredible love. He says it through every positive and every difficult experience we face. He is always there working and molding us into that new creation He has made us to be. We cannot sit back and waste what God has done; instead, we must live in His power according to His purpose all for His glory. This is the life God has called us to: a life filled with God's incredible love and the truth that if Jesus has saved you, you are His kid. Live like both are true today!

Help me, Lord, to live as Your child who is loved and cherished. Help me to stay away from evil and all that could turn me from the truth and keep my heart focused on loving You and loving my neighbor.