I love John's purpose for writing this epistle. He says, "these things are written so that our joy may be complete." He lists other purposes throughout the letter, but this one hits home because we all want to live joy-filled lives with friends and family. We want life to be good and Christ-honoring, but to do that, we must be willing to walk not in darkness but in light. We cannot claim to have fellowship with God and live a life filled with sin from sun up to sun down and beyond. Does that mean that my salvation will be withdrawn if I go down that path? It does not, because no one can snatch you from His hand, but it does mean that your lines of communication with the Almighty are broken and it can also identify the reality that your faith was not truly placed fully in Jesus. When we walk in fellowship, then we also enjoy constant forgiveness for our sin through the perfect blood of Jesus. All God asks is that we "confess our sins," and He will forgive us and wash us clean. The word confess in the Greek simply means "I agree." John concludes the chapter with a serious word of warning for those who are unwilling to confess their sin to God. They seem to believe that what they do is justified and therefore not sin. John reminds us that those words make God a liar and that "His Word is not in us." Does your life openly proclaim God's goodness, grace, and love, or are you giving people a completely wrong impression of who God is? Your life at this moment provides that answer for you.

Help me, Lord, to live in complete fellowship with You by confessing sin and keeping those lines of communication open. Help me to represent You to the world as Your Word gives me insight into Your character and Your grace.