As the Chronicler finishes the current history of Israel, he reminds us about the exile and the return of some of His people back to the Promised Land. I know some of those people had to be excited, but I also know there was some anxiety and even sadness over what they were about to see. Most of them were exiled before Jerusalem was destroyed, but they most likely heard the news of the devastation. Nebuchadnezzar left almost nothing to rebuild from. Most buildings had to be completely rebuilt, and most did not compare to their previous counterparts. These people, however, were far different than those who were taken in exile. These people no longer worshiped idols, and their leaders continually led them back to a consistent walk with the Lord. Adversity mixed with captivity brought about a radical change of thinking among the Jews. They now understood that they needed Yahweh to rule over them, but they struggled in how to apply that to their lives and to their culture. Are you facing adversity at this point in your life? If so, can God use it to build your faith or to remove a sin that has stunted your growth? We know that He can, because we see it happening in Israel. Do not give up! God has a plan for your adversity!

Help me, Lord, to keep the faith no matter what comes my way. Help me to grow when adversity hits and to wait patiently for You to intervene and heal.