Each tribe had a historical hero that did something amazing for Israel and for the Lord. Each man in these genealogies, however, is incredibly important to the overall heath and growth of her people. We can be guilty at times of overlooking the "nobodies," but God definitely does not. He sees and knows every person in His creation, and He wants each one to walk in relationship with Him. In other words, God has no favorites. Yes, we read of those that He used in incredible ways, but the truth we must cling to is that every person is valuable and needed in God's kingdom. Is that happening in your home? Every child is different even in a family unit where the recipe is the same but the result is different. I love both my children's personalities. I love their strengths and weaknesses. I love that God did not make them exactly the same; instead, they both have amazing gifts that He is going to use to further His kingdom. They both know they are loved and cherished, and they both enjoy life in its context today. Favoritism in a person's home will always produce destruction and create tension between siblings. Each child that God has given you is a gift directly from Him. Biological or adopted, every child needs the love and care of parents. He/she needs to know that they are special and usable vessels in God's kingdom.

Help me, Lord, to never show favoritism in our home. Help me to see each child as a precious gift that You love and to lead my kids into your kingdom work.