While I understand and even relate to the struggles people have reading genealogies, I must admit that it is cool to find out where Joshua, the son of Nun, came from.  It is amazing to see God preparing everything perfectly for His people and bringing a man like Joshua to the forefront at the perfect time.  All those in his lineage paved the way for their descendant to lead their people into the Promised Land.  They raised their kids for God’s honor and taught them the traditions and history of the Hebrews.  Each generation took the next step which eventually led to Joshua’s inauguration as the next great leader of Israel.  As many of you know, my family is the definition of dysfunctional in many areas.  Jill and I made a conscious decision to raise our children in a manner that honored the Lord because He prescribed it.  We vowed to break cycles and to teach our kids how to enjoy the best in life by walking closely with God.  The past was hard to overcome, but God strengthened us through His grace and helped us teach our kids to love Him and to love others.  Joshua was blessed with a strong, religious heritage; were you?  If so, I pray you will continue what your parents taught you and pass it on to your kids.  If not, will you vow right now to break those cycles and do what is best for your children?  God will strengthen you and bring the right people into your life to teach you and encourage you in the journey.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate the heritage that You have given me.  Help me to break cycles when needed so my children can grow into powerful instruments in Your kingdom.