Levi is the father of those who took care of and led worship in the temple. Aaron, a Levite, was the father of the priests and was the first leader of the tabernacle in the wilderness. This whole chapter reminds us of the importance of worship. These men spent their lives leading the Israelites in worship in the manner that God required in the Law. They led the people spiritually and provided stability for a nation that struggled to obey God. We still need "Levites" in our lives. We need people that lead us spiritually and stand in the gap for us when we are walking with the Lord and when we are not. We need those who will lead us in worship whether in music or in the preaching of the Word. We need a spiritual leader in our lives. Who serves in that position in your life? As a child, a person's parents should fill that role. As an adult, it could be a pastor, a Sunday School or small group leader, or even a ministry leader. We all need a spiritual mentor in our lives. Without one, it is almost impossible to grow spiritually. Yes, we must all learn to "feed" ourselves, but we also need someone who is pouring truth into our lives on a regular basis. Can you name that person in your life?

Help me, Lord, to follow the spiritual leader You have placed in my life. Help me to become that person who can serve as a spiritual mentor for new believers.