HAPPY THANKSGIVING! One sin can destroy a marriage, a relationship with one's kids, a ministry, and a future. One sin can change everything. Reuben is the perfect example. He was the firstborn of Jacob meaning he held the birthright in his family. When Reuben decided to get intimate with one of his father's wives, he forfeited his birthright and lost all standing within his family. When we see a sin of that magnitude, it is so important to remember that it did not just happen. Other sins can cause us to fail on the main stage of life. Satan can set us up for that kind of failure before the door ever opens to sin. We are in a battle and cannot let our guards down, because it could be me or it could be you. We can make a big mistake just as easily as any other person in our family or in our church. That reality should also remove all judgment from our hearts and minds, because no one person is better than another. We all are born with a sin nature, and we all battle the temptation to sin. Judging others is another route Satan takes to trip us up in our walk with God. I am not sure about you, but I do not want to be another statistic; another notch in the devil's belt. To live in victory, we must fight with every ounce of our strength using the weapons God has given us. Take courage, my friends, the battle is hot, but the war is already won!

Help me, Lord, to stand strong against Satan's onslaughts. Help me to use the weapons that You have given me to fight this daily fight of faith.