Have you ever read the prayer of Jabez? It is found in this chapter and gives us some powerful thoughts on our discussions with God. Jabez prays for God to bless him indeed. The indeed has the idea of exponentially; therefore, Jabez is asking God for an abundance of blessings in his everyday life. He asks God to "enlarge His borders (or territories). He is thankful for what he has but always wants God's direction on where to go and what to do next. He is content but not stuck in a rut. Jabez also prays for God's hand to rest upon Him. Do you remember what it is like to not have God's hand on your life? If so, you never want to go there again so Jabez asks that God's hand would rest continually upon him and his family. He finishes this prayer with a request for victory over his enemies. We have a supernatural enemy who is always looking for ways to destroy our testimony and to stop the ministry that we are involved in. Jabez asks God to give him victory. How long has it been since you did that? We are prone to give in when the pressure gets too great. Jabez is ready to fight to defeat His enemy and live in excellence, but he knows his need for assistance in the journey. I pray this simple prayer daily for myself and my family. It expresses the desire of my heart for the lives we live in Christ.

Help me, Lord, to understand and pray the prayer of Jabez on a daily basis. Help me to enjoy Your blessings and victory over my enemies as You honor my prayer and bring glory to Your Name.