It is interesting that the Chronicler focuses on the line of David reminding us again that this is the lineage of Jesus. Each son named after David and Solomon would carry the crown of royalty in Judah. Some walked closely with the Lord while others chose to live according to their own rules and plans. Nevertheless, they were all important and continued the lineage of the Messiah. The last two kings to sit on Judah's throne, Jehoiachin and Zedekiah, remind us that our forefather's faith is not enough to sustain us. They were both wicked kings who watched Nebuchadnezzar slowly destroy their land and their people. Even in the worst of times, they would not turn back to their Father in heaven. How easy is it to depend upon our parent's faith when life is going well? We go to church; we prayed a prayer; we give our offerings, and we live our lives just as we want. That is not how a Christ-follower acts. God has called us into a personal relationship with Him that is not based upon our parent's or grandparent's faith. We should rejoice over godly parents who set a great example for us to follow and who taught us how to walk with God. The Bible reminds us of the importance of that kind of teaching in our everyday lives. It also tells us of the importance of knowing Jesus as our personal Savior and not depend upon the faith of others who love and care for us. Are you walking in your parent's faith, or do you have a personal relationship with God Almighty through His Son, Jesus Christ?

Help me, Lord, to walk closely with You as my personal Savior and Lord. Help me to celebrate the faith of those who have gone before me while concentrating on the work You have called me to.