All of David's hard work in reorganizing the kingdom concludes with the coronation of his son, Solomon. God honors this man by allowing his son to follow him on the throne of Israel. Shortly thereafter, David passes into eternity after forty years on Israel's throne. He served the Lord faithfully and enjoyed a warm welcome in heaven. Even while mourning the loss of his father, Solomon had to celebrate his incredible successes. Not sure about you, but I have experienced that kind of funeral service before; the kind where the celebration overrules the mourning, and worship dominates the whole experience. It differs completely from the funeral for a person who did not walk with God or live in relationship with Him. Why? I think it has a lot to do with whether or not the family believes they will see their loved one again. The difference is hope! Solomon knew his father was in the arms of his Heavenly Father; therefore, he could mourn while he celebrated his father's passing. Is that what you want for your children and grandchildren? We must follow David's example and prepare now for eternity. Does your family know you are ready?

Help me, Lord, to leave a legacy for my family that ends with a day of celebration at my passing. Help me to walk closely with You leaving no doubt where I will be when that last breath is taken.