How does revival begin? We assume that if we pray for God to start a fresh work in us, and we ask Him to excite us about our faith once again then revival will happen. David helps us understand the key to constant revival in our homes and in our churches. He tells the people and Solomon that they must continue in the ways God has revealed and not venture into their own ways. They must keep God and His Word the top priority in their lives and strive to follow Him in everything they do. David did not reinvent the wheel in his introductory speech of the future king, Solomon. He simply reminded them that the kingdom is on solid footing, because he led the people to follow after Yahweh; it is all because of Him which means He must be the priority. We sometimes would rather God make us do some difficult task to feel as if we earned revival, but God just asks us to return to Him as our first love and then focus on living life according to His Word. Revival begins when God's people begin to spend time everyday in His Word and start to pray consistently for His will to be done. It happens when God's children remember their greatest responsibility in life is to "make disciples." God does something amazing when He once again becomes the priority in our lives and in our church. Do you want to see revival break out in your church or in our country? Stop looking for some new revelation of God; instead focus on what He has already confirmed in your life and do those little things that He has called each of His children to do.

Help me, Lord, to lead the way to revival by recommitting myself to the basics of the Christian faith. Help me to put you at the top of my priority list and strive to follow Your will in all that I do.