David finishes his remodel of the government of Israel by focusing on the military leaders and those in charge of his most valued possessions. David chooses the men that the people have already designated as leaders in their tribes and gives them even greater responsibility as they now serve him and his throne. David reminds us that we are in a daily battle ourselves. God has called us to serve as commanders of our own lives fighting against the real enemy in the physical and spiritual realm. Believe it or not, we have troops that can help us win this battle; every believer in our local church community can help us enjoy victory in life. That will only happen, however, if we are willing to be vulnerable in sharing our struggles, faults, and failures. No one is perfect, yet we always think we must act as if we are. God gave us the church to keep us on the right path in life, but it can never fulfill its responsibility if we do not open up about our sin and our struggles. We also have the promise of God's armor if we are willing to ask for it by faith. I put on that armor every day and ask God to shelter my family with it, as well. The battle is real, and if you are walking with Jesus, then it stays hot 24/7. We do not get a day off so we need that armor and we need those troops praying for and supporting us.

Help me, Lord, to learn vulnerability when it comes to my church family so they can pray for and encourage me. Help me to put on Your armor every single day, because the battle is real and my family and I need Your protection.