I find it interesting that David was completely focused on getting the kingdom fully organized before he handed it over to Solomon. More than anything, he wanted his boy to succeed as the next king of Israel. He invested hours preparing for the future. I suspect that most parents at least want to do what David did, but in truth, most parents fail miserably to prepare their children for future success. We are consumed with protecting them and fixing all their problems, and they never learn to "adult" so they flounder around trying to find solid footing. God has called us to a completely different way of thinking. The principle from the Shema in Deuteronomy 6 still applies today. Parents are to talk about God when they rise and before they sleep; when they work and rest; and when it is time to play and have fun. God must be at the very center of all that we are and all that we do. Why? His plan for your kids life is the best plan they could ever follow. They, however, will live like you teach them to live. Teach them to make God the priority in every area of life. Show them what it means to love your spouse and to honor God with your work. Encourage them through your life to balance their time while always leaving room for the Scriptures and for prayer. David gave his son a really good chance to succeed, and God has called us to do the same. You only get a few years so use them wisely and watch your kids grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

Help me, Lord, to do everything possible to prepare my kids for future success. Help me to show them that You must be priority #1 in every area of life for true success to occur.