Worship is a huge part of our lives as Christ-followers. Everything we do is an act of worship as long as He is at the center of it. Worship takes on a whole new hue when music is added to the mix. Individually or corporately, music takes us to places like nothing else can. God created music with that kind of power, and we have in many ways desecrated His creation by misusing that power for fleshly purposes. David loved music and gladly assigns the musically-talented Levites to lead worship in the temple. David also understood the influence of music and wrote many songs that still make an incredible impact today. In our modern churches, we have made worship equivalent to entertainment thus the music has to hold a certain beat or sound a certain way. God never tied our hands with traditional or contemporary music; He simply gave us music as one means of worship and asked us to point it towards Him. I suspect He shook His head in disbelief when we fought the "worship wars" in the 80s and 90s. Music is one of the greatest blessings we have as people, and especially as followers of Christ. It can lift us from earth to heaven and bring us out of gloom and doom and lead us into a completely new frame of mind. It can point all our attention to Jesus, and it can provide fresh insight that we never grasped when reading the Scriptures. Sing, my friends, sing whether you have a beautiful voice or are tone deaf, sing to the Lord and worship Him as He desires.

Help me, Lord, to worship You in song any chance that I get. Help me to focus on that music that will point me to You and not to my flesh.