After David redistributes the Levite's responsibilities, he separates them into shifts for service at the temple. While this may seem completely unimportant to you, it actually will impact God's plan for the Messiah. If you look at the eighth division on this list, you will find that it is assigned to Abijah. When you turn to Luke 1 and read the story of Zacharias and Elizabeth, you find that he was a priest in the division of Abijah, and it was their turn to care for and serve in the temple. This division had to be in that temple at that moment for the angel, Gabriel, to show up and talk with Zacharias about the birth of John the Baptist. I know we have talked about God's plan on several occasions this week, but when you see something seemingly insignificant have such a huge impact on the greatest moment in human history, it has to make you tingle a little. Our God can instruct an Old Testament king to divide the Levites in this specific manner over a thousand years before those divisions impact the Christmas story. His plan is not just perfect and powerful as we learned on Sunday, it is also prophesied in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New. Our finite minds cannot fathom that kind of planning or control. God, however, has no problem putting that kind of plan into action and then watching it all work perfectly. We serve an awesome God. Seek for His plan for your life until you find it, because it leads to the best life you can live.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate Your incredible plan and the fact that You prophesied much of that plan thousands of years before it occurred. Help me to seek for Your plan until I find it, because I know it will lead to the best in life.