David continues to enjoy victory over his enemies. Nations attack, and David and his fighting men go to war and win. Those defeated nations paid tribute to David for his protection. God expanded the boundaries of the nation of Israel and created incredible prosperity and blessing. David never took the credit for those victories; instead God received the glory and the king enjoyed His blessings. Are you living in victory right now? It is easy to get lost in sin or to get in a spiritual rut where you go through the motions but experience no real growth or life-change. The rut might keep you doing good things but for the wrong reason. How does one get out of a rut? Many people are ready to give you their opinion on this matter, but the one fool-proof way that I know of to get out of a rut is ministry. We must find individuals that we personally can minister to and then do it. They might need to see and hear about the love of Christ, or they might need someone to walk with them through the beginning of their Christian journey. Someone might need a shoulder to cry upon or a hand to hold. Ministry takes all kinds of forms, but in any form, it is a sure-fire way to overcome apathy, sin, or a rut. Are you actively involved in a ministry to an individual or couple? Teaching a class is marvelous and leading a ministry is incredible, but true life-change comes when we invest our lives in one or two people at a time.

Help me, Lord, to find that person or couple that I can personally minister to in 2019. Help me to enjoy incredible victory in my own life as I walk closely with You and minister to them.