As you continue to read through the genealogies of Jesus and the people of Israel, it is important to remember that many of them were born before the Law was ever given. When we read of men having babies with their daughters-in-law or with their concubines, we cringe because of our own moral code created by God's Law. Yes, His Law does have that kind of an impact upon our lives and upon the laws of this nation. When God gave Moses the Law, He completely transformed the culture of His people. They now knew without question what was right and what was wrong and had to adjust their lifestyle to His Law. In today's culture, we have done the exact opposite. We have tried to adjust God's Law to the cultural norms of our day. We question God's Word on homosexuality, abortion, and addictions. We no longer want to take the Scriptures at face value; instead, we are always looking for loop holes that will set us free from God's "confines". In doing so, we believe we are living life to the fullest, but, in truth, we are missing God's best for our lives because we are unwilling to submit to His Law. I hurt for those children and teenagers who are growing up without a church home and without the faithful preaching of God's Word into their lives. We watch as these generations play in areas that God has condemned, because they do not know any better. They are living in complete darkness with no thought or understanding of the light. Do you live by God's moral Law or by a law of your own creation?

Help me, Lord, to know Your moral Law and live by it completely. Help me to love those who have no clue of Your plan and show them just how amazing it really is!