David hears of the death of an ally king and sends an envoy to convey his condolences. The king's son embarrasses David's men, because he thinks they came to spy on his kingdom. David retaliates and defeats the king and his kingdom and one of his allies. They eventually serve David and pay tribute for his protection. How can something so innocent be taken so incorrectly? It has a lot to do with a lack of spiritual discernment. God's Spirit is always ready to help with discernment about a person or their motives. We must listen closely as He speaks through His Spirit, His Word, and through our spouses. He uses each to help us make wise decisions that will not create tension and hurt. If we are not listening, then we may make decisions based upon our flesh and usually end up hurting someone or creating a problem that never should have existed. David was not enemies with the dead king, he simply wanted to express his sadness in their loss, but one wrong decision changed everything. It can happen in a marriage, with our children, and in our church; therefore, we must be Spirit-filled with open ears ready to hear what God has to say. Spiritual discernment is a must among God's people, because it keeps us from those extreme highs and lows that normally create incredible stress and fear. David is the perfect example, because he listened to God, discerned His will, and obeyed exactly what he said.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy that discernment that can only come from Your Word, Your Spirit, and the spouse You have given me. Help me to stay centered and not venture into the extremes that create so much hardship in life.