When we read these last few chapters together, we can get a skewed picture of who David really was. He was the second king of Israel, and he was an incredible man with some serious leadership skills, but David was just a man. He was no different than any other person on the earth, except he had a real heart for God. He still made big mistakes that caused hurt and heartache in his family, but this man loved God and sought to follow Him. How did that make his life different? God poured out His goodness and grace on this man which allowed him to win every battle he fought and gave him great favor with his people and with the foreign kings around him. His life was different from others because he was determined to walk with God. We cannot put David on a pedestal, but we can learn from his successes and failures. Do you have a heart that follows after God? I am not asking if you are perfect or sinless; I am simply asking if your heart's desire is to follow God more than anyone or anything else in life. That one attribute shaped David's life more than any other, and it will do the same for you. Our blessings are all different, but they are clearly from God and are a huge help in our lives. He knows what is best for us and lead us towards His plan, and He knows our greatest needs and seeks to meet those needs throughout our lives as we follow Him. My life is all about Him. Without the Almighty, I would be and would have nothing. With Him, "all things are possible." Do you see the difference?

Help me, Lord, to follow You with my whole heart. Help me to enjoy Your incredible blessings and to set a strong example for others to follow.