David has the wonderful idea to build a temple for the Lord, and he asks Nathan for "permission" to do so. At first, Nathan thinks it is a wonderful idea and told him to build away, but then God intervened and changed the plan completely. David could have been offended or hurt by God's denial of his plan, but he was not. David praises God and thanks him for the legacy he will leave behind. He is excited that one of his sons will build the temple of the Lord and has no hard feelings towards God because he could not build it. How often do we respond to God's "no" like David did? David asked, and God said "no." When God says "no" to us "modern Christians," we go into a fit of blind rage and feel as if God has rejected us permanently. Why do we react so badly? I fear it is because most of us have rarely or never heard the word "no" come from our parent's mouths; therefore when God says it, we are not able to handle it properly. David had clearly heard that word before God ever said it to him. He knew God was protecting him and preparing him for something even greater. Have you and i learned that lesson yet? We desperately need to, or we are going to miss so much of what God has for us, our family, and our church.

Help me, Lord, to understand your "no" for what it is: a means of protection and preparation. Help m to teach my children the value of the word "no" and to trust that You will work through that for their good and Your glory.