David loves worship! It is obvious by his reaction to the Ark and the song he wrote to remember the event. Since many of the psalms are accredited to the king, we know that he loved to worship the Almighty in the good and difficult times. Worship was a significant part of his life, and he loved to encourage others to worship God, as well. How often do you worship the Lord? Worship is not just on Sunday mornings; it is something that should be happening throughout every day. Worship is not just about Bibles study, prayer, or evangelism; it is also about godly speech, about treating people with respect; and about loving my spouse and my kids. Worship happens when we do anything in God's name and for His glory. It happens at church, at work, and at the grocery store; worship can happen at all times and can happen in any place where God's name is lifted up and celebrated. Many Christ-followers have relegated worship to Sunday mornings, but we must be different. God wants us to worship Him daily in all that we do. He asks that our worship be genuine and based in the perfect Word of God. I ask again, how often do you worship?

Help me, Lord, to worship freely as David did knowing the only object of my worship is You. Help me to worship You in every phase of my day but working in Your name and speaking to those who are seeking about the Messiah.