I love it when a person finally learns a life-changing lesson. David plans to bring the Ark to Jerusalem and put it in the tabernacle. He does it exactly how God told him to. The Levites carried the Ark with poles in the bottom rungs. No one touched the Ark. They also celebrated this amazing moment in the history of their nation. David led the celebration with dancing and praising God. Music was prevalent in the caravan, and God received every bit of the glory for the Ark's arrival. Why? They did it God's way! He is the One who led them to move the Ark, and He instructed David and his men about how to move it. They did it God's way, and He got all the glory. If you and I choose to raise our kids God's way, who gets the credit? If you and I choose to walk daily with God and He chooses to bless, who gets the credit? If you and I choose to give consistently and with a cheerful heart as God commands, who gets the credit for our success? We are so bound and determined to do things our way that we miss so much of what God wants to do in and through us. David learned that powerful lesson and was able to celebrate something that just a short time ago was a tragic event. The Chronicler tells us that one of David's wives, Michal, did not like what David was doing and "despised him" for it. Our goal is not to make people happy; our ultimate goal is to make God happy. If we do that by doing things His way, then those around us will be happy if they are walking that same path. David learned a life-changing lesson; will you learn that lesson before we enter the New Year?

Help me, Lord, to do all that I do in the manner in which You have prescribed it. Help me to give You all the credit for the successes I enjoy walking in Your will.