The Philistines attack once again, and David immediately goes to the Lord for wisdom on how he should respond. Yahweh tells him to attack; he does and enjoys victory over his arch-enemy. The Philistines attacked again, and David goes straight to the Lord before taking a step. This time God tells him to go around the enemy and attack them from the rear. David obeys and enjoys victory once again. Do you see a pattern in the great king's life? When a problem arose, he went straight to the Lord before he talked with his five-star generals or the pastor of his church. He needed God's wisdom before he could listen to any one else. Do you have that same MO? Is that how you respond to problems that creep into your lives? When the enemy attacks, where do you start your defense? When a test comes your way, who do you first ask for help? When an issue in your marriage or with your children comes up, where do you start finding the answers to your questions? God is your greatest friend and confidant. He has more wisdom than any other person in your life. He is the answer to all of life's problems. Will you follow David's example and seek His will before anyone else's?

Help me, Lord, to be like David and seek Your will before I talk with anyone else. Help me to leave the stress and anxiety behind, as I seek Your plan for my life and walk closely with You.