David and his men are on a "spiritual high" and want to do something extraordinary for the Lord. They decide to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem and place it back in the tabernacle. They build a new cart that is probably covered in bling to honor the God who sits on the top of that ark. As they travel with the ark, the oxen stumble and the ark begins to teeter. Uzzah reaches out to steady it and is immediately struck dead by the Lord. Uzzah was doing a good thing so why would God kill him? The Scriptures gave clear instructions on how to move the ark. They were to use poles that ran through the rings on the bottom of the ark. No one was to touch the ark, because it was sacred. If David took the time to read the Scriptures, he would have known exactly how to move the ark and the servant would not have died. He chose instead to do it his way and Uzzah suffered the consequences. We still do the same today, and it almost always has a negative impact upon the person or people that are involved. Uzzah was following his king's orders; he was doing what he thought was right, but it was not according to God's Word. As the church of Jesus Christ, we must start looking into the pages of Scripture to know exactly what God wants us to do or say or how to react. We cannot depend upon our flesh, because it will eventually cost someone that we are working/serving/worshiping with. Before you make that decision today, will you seek wisdom from God through His Word? I promise you will be glad that you did!

Help me, Lord, to find the answers to my questions in Your Word. Help me to positively impact those around me by foregoing my flesh and focusing my attention upon Your Word.