The mighty men of Israel continue to gather with David to support him as their new king. They see him as the perfect king, because he was a warrior who played the harp. He was strong and courageous, and he was creative and caring. Many of his songs have been preserved in the book of Psalms, and they give us incredible insight into the heart of this man that so many followed. He was humble and ruled his people fairly and under the guidance of the Almighty. He rarely went to an extreme, though he did despair at times over an enemy's attack, he never went to the "crazed" stage of over-caring nor did he stoop to the "comatose" stage of not caring. His close walk with God kept him stable and ready to make wise decisions even when his heart and mind where in continuous tumult. This is the man that these men wanted to be like and who they would follow into the heat of battle. David led, and these warriors followed him. In what ways are you leading today? Are you leading as one of the or the only parent in your home? Are you a leader at work who genuinely cares for the needs of those around you? Are you a leader in your church, not because you are wealthy or a smart business person, but because you walk closely with God and have no problem leading others to that same lifestyle? David did not just survive in life; he thrived in life. He wanted the best and he knew just where to find it.

Help me, Lord, to lead those You have placed in my care. Help me to walk so closely to You that people will naturally follow my lead as I follow Yours.