It is important to remember that the Chronicler is giving a quick overview of Israel's history. He tells us that after Saul's death, all of Israel prepared to make David their new king. In truth, that took seven years as David served as king over Judah and ruled from Hebron. Eventually, God made him king over all the land, and he ruled a united Israel for thirty-three years. One truth we must always remember about true people of God. They will always attract other godly people who will follow them and serve with them in the daily battles of life. David had a slew of great men who loved him and served with him as leaders of a united Israel. His nation was so different from his neighbors. While David enjoyed a great relationship with godly men who were incredibly talented, the kings of those other nations were always watching their back waiting for an attack from inside their nation. They were ungodly kings who attracted ungodly men to serve with them. Those men wanted the king's power more than they wanted the current king to stay on the throne. Do you see how completely different the heathen nations were compared to David's kingdom? Godly people will attract godly people who will love their leader and use their gifts to serve and work together for God's glory and not their own.

Help me, Lord, to live each day as Your servant and son. Help me to attract godly people who will work with me to serve You and build Your kingdom.