As the Chronicler continues the history of his people, he touches on the last few minutes of Saul's life. It would seem that he first king of Israel would receive more coverage, but his life was simply a precursor to David, the greatest king in Israelite history. Did it have to be that way? It did not! Saul was given every opportunity to enjoy a long life and a strong legacy for the future. Sadly, the first king of Israel chose a life of rebellion against God instead of walking closely to Him. The results of that choice were his early death and the loss of his legacy, as all of his sons were killed with him. The Chronicler tells us clearly that his choices closed the door for future success and guaranteed a life of heartache and drama. Have you made a decision like that in your own life? Are you choosing rebellion over obedience? The Scriptures give us clarity on God's response to that decision. As with Saul, God simply removes His hand of blessing and lets us face all of the consequences of our sin. He does not have to bring evil into our lives; instead, He lets us take care of it on our own.

Help me, Lord, to walk faithfully with You not leaning to the left or right but staying on that narrow path. Help me to love those who are struggling in their faith and to pray for their reconciliation with You and with those they have wounded.