Most people in our modern world do not like to read genealogies, but the Jews loved them because they reminded them of the Messiah, their future Hope. This genealogy starts with Adam and works its way to Abram. This is the Messiah's family tree. It is so interesting to see the number of possible branches, and the fact that God had a single plan for His Son and did not waver in it. God picked one of Adam's sons, and one of Noah's sons. Later, He chose one of Abram's son to continue the lineage of Jesus. Some will say that the overarching theme of the Old Testament is Israel, God's chosen people, but in truth, the theme is Jesus, the coming Messiah. The Jews were a mess, but they were the chosen race from which the Messiah would come. God's plan stayed intact no matter how far His people strayed. As you read this genealogy again, think through the exact lineage of Jesus. If you are struggling to remember, take a look at Matthew's gospel and possibly compare the two. God had an amazing plan for His Son's birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection. He prepared the way through the Jews and through the prophets who tried to convince His people to return to the worship of Yahweh. Jesus is the theme of this glorious book, and this genealogy reminds us just how faithful God was to His own plan.

Help me, Lord, to keep my eyes on Jesus and His second coming. Help me to rest in Your plan knowing You worked miracles to bring it to pass for Your people, Israel, and you will do the same for Your children today.