In this chapter, Paul tackles two "hot" topics within the Early Church: widows and elders.  We all know that God has called the church to love, protect, and provide for widows, but Paul defines the parameters of that love, protection and provision.  He basically tells the church to take care of the older widows who have no real family left but to encourage the younger widows to remarry and have a family.  To me, the interesting part of our generation is that people are getting younger in the sense that you will hear people say "70 is the new 50" which actually means that some older widows are finding new love and remarrying.  It is so important that we seek God's plan, His truth, when it comes to the ministries of the church.  It is also vital that we learn the lesson of not "laying hands" on someone that we do not know well and has not proven himself in the faith.  This can lead to an immature believer having "control" within the church and that leads to absolutely nothing good.  We must take a serious look at every aspect of a person's life to determine that they are in a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus.  I have been reminded recently of how easily those who might have great theological knowledge can fall, because they are not truly in love with Jesus.  Once again, this leads to nothing but heartache and disunity within God's church.  This is a vital lesson for all church leadership, but also for the whole church as she determines who will receive a "laying on of hands."

Help me, Lord, to seek Your plan for every ministry within Your church instead of doing what I "think" is best.  Help me to take a long and serious look at those who are interested in joining the leadership of Your church to make sure they are totally and completely in love with You.